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Cutlery/tool sharpening and custom-made blades for the collector and professional.

Home Cooks and Chefs

Are your kitchen knives losing their edge? Allow us to make them sharper than ever.

Professional Salons

Are your scissors and razors not performing like they used to? Why wait – have the factory edge renewed today.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

You depend on your outdoor tools to be ready when you are. Dull edges are not a part of successful trip.

Custom-Made Knives/Weapons

Why buy pre-made weaponry? Have custom-made swords, daggers, and other blades created for your collection.

Ready to have your knives sharpened to perfection?

Everyone uses blades, but many people seek only a sharp edge and settle for the bare minimum. For many, this takes the form of cheap kitchen knives which quickly dull and are only slightly less quickly replaced.

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About the Founder

Joshua King is a lifelong collector of blades and a student of the history of bladed tools and weaponry.

When he finally decided to professionally pursue his passion for blades, he went all in, studying under respected ABS Master Smiths Jim Rodebaugh and Kevin Cashen. In a matter of weeks, Joshua grew from a novice hobbyist to a respected smith, absorbing his masters’ teachings and years of experience to forward his own mastery.

With a formal education in science and visual art, Joshua not only has a precise, accurate, formulaic method to forging well-functioning blades, guaranteeing success and replicability, but also an eye for beauty and aesthetics, molding steel into true, functional art.

Forge Wolf Blades works with all types of blades & tools in order to meet all of your needs.

Let Forge Wolf Blades repair your inferior edges. We sharpen, and restore your cutting utensils back to their original edge. Forge Wolf Blades can also design, forge, and create the perfect cutting implement for you.

Chef and Personal Knives

Custom-made, hand-forged kitchen cutlery for the at-home chef and cooking professional. Available individually and in sets! Always forged entirely in-house. 

Salons and Barber Shops

Salon owners rely upon properly sharpened and well-constructed tools. Scissors, razors, and other tools are all part of the aresenal that they employ daily.

Outdoor Knives

Custom-made, hand-forged knives for the outdoorsperson, hunter, and collector. Always forged entirely in-house. Includes sharpening and restoring proper blade geometry.

Private Collection Weapons

Swords, daggers, and other bladed weaponry for self-defense, collection, and stage combat. Please specify if you desire a sharp edge or a false edge. Always forged entirely in-house.

Do you have questions about what Forge Wolf can do for you?

We are happy to answer any and all questions in order to provide you with the best cutlery sharpening service in Macomb County. We are dedicated to making your life easier when it comes to properly sharpened knives and custom-made, forged blades.

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Tips for the overall care of your custom blade


One of the most important steps in taking care of your carbon steel is keeping the blade clean. That means wiping down your knife periodically with a clean cloth while you clean game or prepare food in the kitchen. This is especially important when working with acidic substances, like lemons and tomatoes, which, due to their acidity, can cause corrosion to carbon steel if left on the blade. Therefore, clean your blade as soon as possible after using it to cut acidic substances.


This will keep the edge of your blade centered, as the honing rod functions to straighten the foil edge of a blade. This is not the same thing as sharpening and can be performed daily without concern. Sharpening should be required significantly less frequently.


When washing your blade, use a soft cloth or soft sponge with warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly with a clean cloth. DO NOT leave the blade in water. DO NOT clean the blade in a dishwasher. Prolonged exposure to water without drying will cause the blade to rust.


If rust does form on your blade, rub a small amount of mineral oil onto the rust spot and allow it to dry.


When storing your blade, be sure that it is completely dry, then store in a dry knife block, magnetic knife strip, or drawer insert. If the blade will be stored for an extended length of time, we discourage use of a plastic or leather sheath, as it may absorb moisture. Instead, cover your blade in a light layer of mineral oil and store in a dry area.


If a blade is made properly, it is made with microscopic edge geometry tailor-made to the purpose of the knife. There is no such thing as “the world’s best blade.” A razor does not perform the same way as a bread knife, and an axe does not perform the same way as a filet knife. To attempt to use one blade for another’s purpose is to invite tragedy. Remember that your knives do have limitations and are not indestructible. Do not use your knife as a screwdriver, can opener, jimmy, hammer, oyster opener, or chisel.

Looking for a custom-made, hand-forged blade?

I stand behind the quote below when designing/creating any new custom blade for my customers.

“If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing it RIGHT.” – Jim Wheeler

Below are a few samples of my work that show my commitment to quality and design.